Terms and Conditions

We will always do our very best to make sure you will enjoy our events.


How does a CraftJam livestream workshop work?

These are online live-stream webinars taught by our experienced JamMasters. For all our virtual workshops, you must purchase a ticket through our website. Make sure to login a few minutes before the workshop starts to avoid technical difficulties that may delay you. While participating in a virtual workshop, we require video participation. Unlike traditional webinars, we’re keeping our classes small and intimate. CraftJam was founded to foster community amongst its participants and part of this is seeing and interacting with each other as well as the option to receive feedback and support for your projects from your JamMaster.

Cancellation policy

Virtual workshops must have 3 or more ticket holders 24 hours prior to the start time of the workshop or we will cancel the workshop. Ticket holders will receive a refund for the ticket price or may transfer their ticket to another class.

For private (exclusive) events we require a minimum spend of $300.

Sometimes life happens and you can’t make it.

For tickets purchased to a CraftJam virtual workshop, no refunds can be offered. If you no longer can attend your workshop, we need at least 24 hour notice for cancellation and rescheduling to another virtual workshop date.

What is the make-up class schedule policy?

See above.

What is the policy on GuestJams?

We are not able to give any refunds or discounts on GuestJams. These workshops are hosted by visiting artists who do not offer any refunds.

What time should I log-in to CraftJam?

Classes start promptly and we highly recommend to log-in 15 minutes early to settle, make sure your technology is working and to get your snacks and drinks ready! Also, a good time to catch up with your friends joining you or make new ones.

What if I don’t succeed in finishing my project?

The JamMaster will guide you through the workshop and help you with timing. We have suggested templates and patterns that are guaranteed for you to finish in the event time. If you choose to create your own design, we cannot promise that you’ll finish! We recently launched ProJams, a dedicated hour with an expert in a specific craft where you can practice, ask questions and finish projects. If you complete your work at a later date, please send us a photo when you’re done, we’d love to share it on social media.

What if I don’t like my projects?

Our workshops are designed for beginners, and the JamMaster will assist to complete a project you’ll like or love. But we get it, sometimes you’re not satisfied. And our job is to make you happy. Try it again! Either start over during that class or we’ll give you half off for the same class on another day when the stars are better aligned. Let us know what didn’t work for you, what you wish you had done differently and how we should improve, we’re here for you.

Is there an age requirement to come to CraftJam?

CraftJams are designed for adults. We welcome anyone 18 years or older!

Can I bring my friends to CraftJam events?

Of course! Friends who craft together, stay together. But please be aware that our public events are intimate and designed in a way that every attendee feels included.

If you plan to attend with a big group (e.g. six or more) and want to celebrate a birthday or reunion completely alone, we recommend to host a private party.

Can I host a private CraftJam?

Yes, we would love to help you host a corporate or private CraftJam. We offer a range of workshops that work well for birthdays, bridal showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, team building, client appreciation, creative wellness, and more.

Why are you taking photos?

We think your crafting experience deserves to be eternal and that’s why we are ready with cameras! We’ll make sure you look good and post them on social media so your mom can be proud of you. Want to keep this a secret? No worries, just give us heads up and we’ll let you keep your privacy.


What can I buy with a gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed through the CraftJam website and may be used on any individual CraftJam ticket on the site.

What is your return policy?

Our gift cards are not refundable. We’re constantly adding new classes to our offerings, and we are sure that the recipient of the gift card can find an activity they like. If there are any questions about our CraftJams, please do not hesitate to contact us through this form [link]..


What is your return policy on items purchased via the online shop?

All items purchased through CraftJams shop (kits, totes, pouches, etc) are not refundable and cannot be returned.